Valuate companies

  • Legal assignment: statutory audit for hive-up, merger, preferred shares and operations on share capital
  • Valuation of companies, type of assets (intangible assets and goodwill, investments, etc.)
  • Preparation of business plan, cash-flow, forecast

Valuate accounting operations

  • Impairment tests of CGU and/or businesses ; definition and /or redesign of CGU ; definition and computation of discounted rates ; preparation of business plan
  • Financial liabilities: employee benefit and derivate and hedge accounting


  • Valuation of financial damage in case of litigations and friendly expertise
  • Interpretation of accounting rules or conformity with accounting standrads: arbitration, independent review, conciliation

Examples of engagement conducted

  • Small and mid-size entities: several statutory audits for merges and hives-up
  • Small entity: valuation of the company in the context of business transmission
  • Small and mid-size entities: valuation using fair value (investment properties, derivate and hedge, stock options)
  • Mid-size entity: valuation of operational assets following a manufacturing damage